Trauma & Forensic Cleaning

A professional, accredited service, documented and guaranteed.

Pure Decon have implemented the recommended measures by the Government and Public Health England to help reduce the risk of infection in Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning.

Pure Decon are well prepared to respond and our Emergency Cleaning for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup offer substantial protection. Pure Decon are experts in Trauma Cleaning and our Crime Scene cleaners and are equipped with industry-leading technology for our decontamination.

Our response to Forensic cleaning is guided by the advice and recommendations from the UK government including expert bodies within Public Health England, these include:

  • Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)
  • New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG)
  • Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP)

Why our Trauma Cleaning and Crime Scene Cleanup is Unique

We are proud to say that we are members of the Royal Society of Public Health – the world’s oldest public health body established in 1856.

We adhere to the values of the industry and we have made a commitment to uphold these values in everything we do.

  • Same level of standards and verification as those adopted within the NHS
  • Official decontamination certification
  • DBS checked, skilled professionals
  • Hygiene verification with ATP Testing
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments using the best available scientific advice and evidence for well-informed decision making

Our team covers the whole of the UK and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Crime Scene Clean Up

The scene of a crime can contain various risks and hazards; from blood and bodily fluids to debris and broken glass, to needles and syringes.

Whether you’ve been victim to a burglary, experienced an assault on your premises, or been exposed to illegal drug use in your building, our experienced team of crime scene cleaners can help.


We provide trauma cleaning and crime scene cleanup for the police, coroners, local authorities, commercial clients and the wider public.

We are trusted to complete decontamination of all biohazards using the world’s most advanced and effective decontamination equipment.

Our high standard of service and professionalism makes us the trauma cleaning specialists of choice.

Undiscovered Death

Unfortunately, a death sometimes remains undiscovered for some time, for a variety of reasons.

It is often the complaint of a foul odour coming from a property by neighbours that first alerts anybody to a potential issue. After this time, the hazards of a dead body will have increased and the process in which to make the area safe becomes a little more complex.

Any blood or bodily fluids present will by now have attracted insects and pests and could have also started to have an adverse affect on flooring or furniture.

Prison Cell Cleaning

Prison cells, police holding cells and custody areas are often the scenes of traumatic and unsanitary incidents with a high infection risk.

We provide a rapid response service to clean, disinfect and decontaminate cells, 100% guaranteed decontamination. We understand the pressures of this environment and work with you flexibly to minimise disruption, using state-of-the-art infection control technology. With a 100% decontamination guarantee, our Prison Cell Cleaning service is documented for your records, giving you peace of mind.

See our industry leading technology in action

Our solutions provide unrivalled decontamination, safety and quantifiable validation. By utilising the world’s most advanced and effective decontamination technology, PURE DECON offer unique advantages over any other methods.

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Who is responsible for the trauma cleaning and crime scene cleanup?

Although it may be a common perception that emergency services will organise the cleanup of a traumatic incident or crime scene once they have finished, it is the responsibility of the property, or premises owner to organise the clean up of blood and other hazardous bodily fluids.


What are the risks of cleaning up myself?

It is important that a trained professional attends the scene to remove any potential risks to human health and to clean and sanitize the area, before disposing of potentially hazardous waste in line with relevant legislation.

Viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV can be transferred via bodily fluid so the treatment of contaminated areas by a specialist technician with the relevant personal protective equipment is vital.

What sort of emergencies do you deal with?

We specialise in providing a rapid, discreet and effective cleanup service for the following emergencies:

  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Suicide
  • Unattended deaths
  • Road traffic accidents

How quickly can we get a response?

We are available 24/7 and can offer expert disinfection around the clock.

Trauma Cleaning and Crime Scene Cleanup by Decontamination Specialists

We are able to work outside of usual trading hours to meet your needs and to ensure that the clean does not impede on your usual business operations.

To discuss your deep cleaning requirements further, call us now on 0161 821 9999 or email [email protected]

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Public health England
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World health organization

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    We are still learning about this new coronavirus (COVID-19), but it is likely that one way it spreads is through contaminated surfaces. Frequently cleaning surfaces should help.

    Daniel M. Parker, PhDAssistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of California, Irvine

    We need to be more aggressive than usual in cleaning surfaces and cell phones. According to studies recently, coronavirus (COVID-19) can live on various surfaces for several days.

    agdish Khubchandani, MBBS, PhD, MPHProfessor of Health Science, Ball State University, Indiana

    SARS-CoV-2 is not difficult to inactivate: standard household disinfectant will do. The EPA provides a list of products that are safe and effective for this purpose.

    Paul Pottinger, MD Professor of MedicineDivision of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, University of Washington School of Medicine